About Filsyn Corp.

We create quality products that help companies to attract more customers.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision, our mission and our core values guide us in everything we do at FilSyn Corp. These statements are not just words on a page - they are acted out every day by FilSyn Corp employees around the world.


To consistently deliver eco-friendly world class finishes products, execute & complete all projects in such a way to create an ambience that will echo the desires of our clients’ hearts and to bring to life their life style in harmony with nature.

  • To thrill the world.
  • To set the benchmark for service excellence.
  • To empower our people to realize their full potential.

To work to our fullest to satisfy the desires and needs of the clients and provide them with world class
interiors and furnishings.

Inspiring Excellence
Innovation is in our DNA. We live to “wowify.” Mediocrity is our enemy.

Unyielding Integrity
We do what is right.

True Compassion
We genuinely care for our guests, our team and other stakeholders.

We are here to answer your questions. Reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.
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